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Series: Code Lyoko
Character: Aelita Schaeffer (also known as Aelita Hopper and Maya; she prefers to go by Aelita Stones - Odd and Ulrich mostly call her Princess on Lyoko)
Timeline: Post-Series but before Code Lyoko: Evolution
Personality: Aelita has been shown throughout the series to be quite intelligent and smart beyond her years. She's always been kind, generous and compassionate to her friends, but she's also witty; she's been quick - and good - at coming up with insults for Sissi and outsmarted monsters on Lyoko. However, as the youngest of the Lyoko Warriors (physically; chronologically, she's around 22 years old) Aelita's also the most naive.

During her first few days on Earth her feelings were hurt easily and she had been easily swayed by others, Sissi being a prime example. (She was the one who first referred to Aelita as Mrs. Einstein not too long after she was enrolled into Kadic.) Thanks to the support of her friends, Aelita was able to adapt to life on Earth quickly and has matured quite well. She didn't have much in the way of social skills at first, but was able to adapt very well. She's polite and very respectful to adults, even to their PE teacher Jim despite him usually embarrassing himself; she does her best to be honest even though she covers up the truth about herself to Principal Delmas when her connection to Franz Hopper is close to being revealed during season four. During the second and third seasons Aelita could usually be found with Jeremie helping him out with calculations or projects involving a way to defeat XANA, but she did learn she had a knack for being a DJ in the episode 'Final Mix.'

Aelita blushes whenever she talks about things that are secretive between Jeremie and herself. (She's Jeremie's love interest.) Aelita grew fond of Jeremie during the first season and talked with him on a daily basis about his life. Their romantic feelings developed over the series though Aelita learned she didn't always have to like the same things Jeremie liked to be with him. Because her father played piano for her when she was younger, Aelita learned to play the piano herself, grew to love music and is a great DJ as well. Thanks to her talent, Chris from the Subdigitals made her the opening act for their concert when they performed in Kadic. (This was in the fourth season episode 'Crash Course,' whereas the episode 'Music Soothes the Savage Beast' was her premiere opening act.) Yumi and Aelita have a close bond, both being the only girls in the group. They tend to share stories and gossip together, as shown in the episode 'Common Interest.' Yumi even suggested that Aelita spend Christmas with her and her family but she politely refused, saying that at least one of the Warriors should stay at Kadic to keep an eye on XANA but she would keep in touch with her. (Aelita spends Christmas with Jeremie and his family at the end of the episode.) Odd and Aelita have a great friendship as he treats her like one of the guys and he does his best to help her deal with Sissi. Ulrich was the first member of the team other than Jeremie to learn about her existence. They have a good friendship, Ulrich treating Aelita like a sibling and he spends a lot of time protecting her. Aelita has been shown to get irritated and upset, mostly toward Jeremie when he would rather work on one of his projects instead of taking time out to enjoy her interests; she also got angry with Odd when his laziness caused them both to get in trouble and they argued with each other throughout the episode. (Thanks to Yumi and Ulrich choosing to go on a mission away from them, they were able to make up in time to keep their classmates Nicholas and Herb from discovering the Factory.) The only time she was angry with Ulrich was during the episode 'The Pretender' when he told a younger classmate - who liked Yumi - to follow her around all day to get her attention, which Yumi hates.

Background: Aelita was initially believed to be a humanoid form of artificial intelligence trapped on the world of Lyoko. She first met Jeremie when he turned on the supercomputer and woke up XANA. She bonded with the rest of the Lyoko Warriors quickly and most of the first season was spent trying to materialize her on Earth so she could live as human. Until then she chose to be the guardian of Lyoko, patrolling the sectors for danger and activity from XANA while warning Jeremie of any attacks XANA was about to launch. She's the only one who can stop XANA's attacks before any serious damage can be done by deactivating way towers by typing in the code: Lyoko. She's able to control communications in way towers and get in touch with Jeremie if any problems arise. While in the way tower, Aelita uses computer systems to access not only data on Lyoko but also on Earth. She admitted that she looked up research on human life in her spare time, hoping for the day when she could go to Earth with her friends.

When Aelita was finally virtualized on Earth, it was discovered that the team couldn't turn off the supercomputer without essentially killing Aelita. Jeremie originally believed that XANA had planted a virus into Aelita that kept her linked to the supercomputer, so the majority of season two was spent with the group searching for an anti-virus that could be used to free Aelita from XANA as well as keeping the Scyphozoa from stealing Aelita's memories which are said to hold the keys to Lyoko. (During the finale of season 1, Aelita was originally going to live with Yumi at her parents' house as a penpal under the name Aelita Lyoko - one Yumi literally used on the spot - but during the premiere of season 2, she enrolled into Kadic Academy as Odd's cousin from Canada, Jeremie falsifying her records so she can live on campus.)

It was discovered that in reality, Aelita had lost some memories that XANA had taken from her when she was first virtualized on Earth. (Also, Aelita discovered much about her past life on Earth: that she originally came from Earth before going to Lyoko, and that her father was Franz Hopper. Aelita had nightmares about her past during most of season 2 and a few during season 4. She had a happy life with her parents and never attended Kadic while her father - who she refers to as Daddy; she calls her mother Mommy - had taught. She was homeschooled back then. Her mother mysteriously vanished, and Aelita along with Franz were chased from their home by men in black suits as well as dogs to his hidden laboratory which was the Factory the group uses as their base.) The Scyphozoa, despite the team's best efforts during the season was able to successfully take Aelita's memories and allow XANA to escape, virtually and figuratively killing her. It was only thanks to Franz Hopper that Aelita was revived and her full memories were restored.

The third season, while rather short, revealed that during the summer Aelita worked and trained with Jeremie to get stronger. Now that she has her full memories she can be devirtualized normally like the other Lyoko Warriors. Unfortunately the Scyphozoa is used by XANA to possess Aelita so that she'll type in the code: XANA into a way tower. This will give XANA full access to the sector which allows him to delete it. (The Ice Sector was the only one XANA didn't destroy, but Aelita sacrificed it intentionally herself.)

The fourth season is spent with Aelita and the Lyoko Warriors searching for William and Franz Hopper in the Network, by way of the Skidbladnir which is a ship that Aelita and Jeremie worked on together. (Aelita is captain of the Skid, and sends the others out in smaller ships while she stays with the main core of the ship.) Aelita also has to avoid any attacks by XANA as now he plans to have her thrown into the Digital Sea. It's only successful once during the Christmas season, which draws Franz Hopper out of hiding so XANA can destroy him. During the Skidbladnir's maiden voyage, Aelita and the group discovered Replikas, which were created by XANA using Aelita's stolen memories. (The supercomputers that contain said Replikas are in environments that are similar to the Sector the Replika represents. The Forest Sector Replika was in the Amazon Rainforest, the Desert Sector was in New Mexico, the Carthage Replika was in space aboard an International Space Station and the Ice Sector Replika was in Siberia. The Mountain Sector Replika appears in the video game Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, but wasn't in the series.)

Eventually, the group discovers that there were hundreds of Repilkas that are powered by supercomputers around the world - and that XANA can use the power of all the Replikas to create the Kolossus. The Skidbladnir was destroyed moments after the first appearance of XANA's latest monster, and Aelita and the group realized that they needed to defeat their foe for good. Aelita had a premonition that her father was going to die, and unfortunately during their last mission her premonition came true. Franz Hopper sacrificed himself to save Aelita and to help Jeremie get the rest of the power needed for him to activate the anti-XANA program which was enough to destroy XANA once and for all. During the series finale, Aelita had reservations about shutting down the supercomputer because it held many memories for her and it was all that remained of her father. Ultimately, she agreed with the other Warriors to shut down the supercomputer for good.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Initially, Aelita only had her power of Creativity which allowed her to create or alter new parts to the terrains on Lyoko. She's also able to outwit XANA and his monsters when the going gets tough, creating virtual clones of herself while she is unharmed. She also has a power called Second Sight. Due to her connection to Lyoko, she can see things XANA has made invisible. (During the fourth season, Jeremie gave her digital enhancements that greatly heightened and strengthened her ability. Now she can sense XANA's emotions and feelings wherever he is on Lyoko.)

During the summer, sometime before season 3, Aelita gained a new power called Energy Field which is a pink orb of pure energy she throws at enemies. With the exception of the Megatanks, she doesn't have to hit the XANA symbol to destroy monsters. She can use two spheres and combine them together to create a narrow forcefield that deflects attacks sent her way. (Aelita was also able to use her Energy Field attack in the Real World but this was after she'd already been virtualized onto Lyoko and teleported to a random area in the world.) Early in the fourth season, Aelita gains the ability to sprout wings from her shoulders by waving her hand over a star-shaped bracelet on her arm. Her wings allow her to fly through the air at incredible speeds much like Ulrich's Super Sprint ability. Aelita can also ride any of the Lyoko Warriors' vehicles as she's proven to ride the Overboard, the Overwing and the Overbike on various missions.

Sample Journal Post:

(Aelita giggles lightly) This feels familiar. Hello? Is anyone out there? I'm Aelita Stones, from Kadic Academy. It's nice to be here! If anyone's met my friends Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi...or if any of you are here too, I'd like to get out of the hospital as soon as possible.

If there are any jobs available, I'm wonderful with communications and computers. And I'm a natural as a DJ; just ask my friends! If anyone would like to get in touch with me, ask for Aelita and I'll answer as soon as I can. I promise! ♥

Sample RP: Aelita didn't have to wait long to get in touch with one of her friends, excited that Odd was able to answer after only a few minutes of her video presentation on the 3STP. She was concerned about a lot of things when it came to the world they'd been brought to, mostly 'were they prisoners' much like she had been on Lyoko long ago?

It didn't take long at all for her to find a familiar looking head of hair, Odd never changed his hairstyle from the first day Aelita had met him. (Though, she was a little curious as to what it originally looked like before she'd met him.) Once spotting him, Aelita waved in his direction.

"Odd! It's me."